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X Rebirth v4 PC torrent download

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X Rebirth + 2 DLCs

Release Date: November 15, 2013 ~ April 19, 2017

Type / Tags: Management, Modeling, Pirates of the open-world / private, 3D, space

Developer: Egosoft

Publisher: Egosoft

Platform: PC

Engine: House

Steam Rating: 37% User comments positive (based on 4199 reviews)

languageinterface: English, German, Italian, Russian, French, Spanish

Audio language: English

Crack: construction (Codex-PLAZA)

Low demand:

Operating System: Windows 8 (64-bit), Windows7SP1 (64-bit), Windows Vista with Service Pack 2 (64-bit), XP SP2 (64-bitversion)

Processor: Intel Series 2 GHz or AMD equivalent


Video Card: 512 MB of RAM and Nvidia GT400 series or better, 512 MB RAM or ATI 4870HD with more


HDD Space: 8 GB (17 Gb during installation)

Caution The minimum size repack GB, DarllenRepack area.

Screen – see if you can not see the screen- disable AdBlock


Repack includes the original game X Rebirth adds to the growth and Outpost Teladi iFirst Light.

First Light grows on Daux rebirth, new areas to explore and challenges to be overcome. In addition to improving the experience hit a new high of trading opportunities,fight, build, and never think big.

Time colegarfau X and missiles, and shoot around the hidden treasures in the biggest expansion so far with X Rebirth!


Installing a large jump in the university course through the door every three new systems.

Firstly LightSystem legendarywith greater economy to benefit.

Toride: never hostile universe, or so much to explore in Toride. Be aware and be careful!

Source resources in large quantities ,: Cool Starardal consolidated and dangerous to others.

The composition of the plant: plant construction, especiallybuilt to accumulate in large quantities. Established a trading station on your own or ddefnyddiostorio depot. Take control of the market!

The game starts a new name to enter into business with cargo can be in the middle of the wealth of letters lights or take rôlMae’r Side Explorer ,, best equipmentand the crew are universal.

New Mission: Experience a new mission can be found in a system that gives you the right in the thick of the action receiving Bulletin Board System newyddX rebirth.

More sophisticated enemies: Xenon threat of stronger than before, and you can find the old enemy and forget.

Night feature package

onISO application: (11684050944 bytes)

Includes X gwreiddiolgêm regeneration adds to expand Outpost Teladi and First Light

100% lossless MD5Uchynenyya: all the files after the initial installation (not just the Opera video)

Bonus Video X Opera Space (GB) tear, nothing Re: encryption. You can watch fideorhwygo here:

All other content(OST, artwork Encyclopedia) are available as boot options

store size is significantly smaller (from GB)

Installation takes 7-25 minutes (depending on your system)

After checking the installation, so you can make sure that everything is properly installed

After installation ardalArHDD 8 GB (17 Gb during installation)

perepakovatpZlib library Razor12911

At least 2GB of RAM free (incl. Virtual) set for this parameter repack

Night packages FitGirl

backward compatibility

I can not spend the night wrapped pack mygorffennolX Rebirth.

Problems during installation?

Read the manual repacking solved