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The Escapists Download Torrent

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In escapists simulator to “escape from prison”. Admit it: You’ve always wanted such a simulator.

Run as far as you want.

In escapists’s almost like prison architect, plays another prison, but it’s much more action. You are trapped in prison and wants to escape. For this you need to make codziennieDziałania(So ​​no suspicious) and use their spare time to prepare a refugee.

If you are looking for a game that will not help, you’ll love escapists. You must learn to izbegnecrta no plans to give advice or objectives. You can negotiate a prison team. Or stealing guard uniform. or kradziezitunel.Or hold the tool to allocate escapists freedom of movement.

Do you have content for a while. You have many to choose from in prison (where one of its various levels of difficulty). Although the prison space is limited, atvariable is full of details that make you want to get away from him several timesin different ways.

who flees from stvarnostiNajveći lack of waiting. Waiting to have free time to continue with his plan is simply too much.

Beautiful retro aesthetics

Checking the set of surprising simplicity. In escapists benefit only a few keys or buttons,but no longer need to create or move forward plan. I have other similar games may be discouraged by the initial audit investment loobsa learning. Here are a few minutes you are ready to go.

On a graphic level, escapists introduction of birds with 8-bit graphics. Hismusic has a retro style with a lot of “beep”. I can not remember more than that, because I esteticzniKojarzi with the classic “La Abadia Del Crimen.

A major challenge awaits.

Escapist has an original space, there is a lot of content and features, and flaunts a simple but powerful control set yet. Mayescape from all the problems provided by the game?