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Sharing files over the Internet using the rivers are very popular and there are some specialized applications that can facilitate the transfer of the file. This BitTorrent client utorrent, a special program that ranks highly among its peers.

Ad-supported setup and a simple GUI

The tool comes with loads of useful features and is very easy to use. With the rise will not last for very long, you should pay close attention to third-party software is included as it can change the settings of your browser.

Utorrent meet you in a very beautiful and simple interface, designed to provide quick service its major tasks. So you will be able to start new downloads, pause, stop or delete existing ones, or to manage downloaded files directly from the main window.

Subscribe to RSS-channels, adjust the speed limit, and search for items from the main window

provides application allows you to quickly find new content for download via the powerful built-in search function. RSS capabilities utorrent is another great feature, as it allows users to subscribe to feeds to automatically download the selected files.

Utorrent also comes with customizable Mouse bandwidth, speed limiters and multilingual support, make sure that you can use in any corner of the world.

Download run when the computer is idle

But perhaps the most interesting thing about it is utorrent download method can not cope without slowing down Windows.
UTorrent Pro 3 Torrent Download We found out during our tests, which worked perfectly and the load on system resources is minimal.

And if that does not convince offer utorrent chance you have to remember that he also has the ability to download content selected only when you are away from your computer. Create a special thanks to the work of settling torrents when user activity is detected.


After all, it is safe to say that utorrent is a heavyweight player in its category, with millions of users around the world to emphasize that. With a full pack, great ease of use and seamless integration with any system, software, certainly protector for those using streams for file sharing.


Multiple simultaneous downloads

Configurable bandwidth scheduler

Global and per torrent speed limits

resumes interrupted transfers fast

RSS Downloader

Password protected boss key

Global job to execute commands on torrent completion changes / state

UDP proksinh for SOCKS5

Proxy privacy features

Improved set download location / residential work (now moves files for you)

Show add torrent dialog for magnet links

Added option to stop the rivers when user activity is present on your computer

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Frequently asked questions

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This multilingual?

Answer: Yes

Whether it is for x86 x64?

Answer: Yes to all operating systems