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Shooting R D

.the leading force.

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About this issue

MechRunner immense action game that casts you as a powerful work

divan film with ruthless robot army.

The Game witness

30jun 1908, a mysterious explosionoccurred in Tunguska

River in Siberia, Russia which destroyed trees and wild animals of more than 800

adorable kvadratovich.DoZalishaietsia the biggest event in our impact

History of the planet.

In the following years, several dozen scientific expeditions

The site is pokušaoobjasni pad, but it is notcan get to be

Conclusions. In the mid-1940s, however, a team of researchers from

Russian secret service came to visit the ruins

alien spacecraft, which includes technology that significantly exceeded ours.

In nastavkugodine, KGB to launch this mysterious

Novizrodłovlada and creatednew secret weapons program – in

Subdivision or advancing arms ”

They thought they could control the new regime, he found, or

He started working over water their cars. He began to drive people

mirad with the mind. Person in charge of General George

Petrakoff seemed vulnerable, and April 14, 1949

Petrakoffbegan a comprehensive offensive in Europe.

One of the leading engineers Petrakoff for Jesper Grouse, and left pishovSamovolku

programvczesnie, fear of what was going on. He went to live in

tajnanjegova sister Isabelle and her nephew, Alison. While on the run

However, Jesper (via budding engineersand pilot Allison)

I was busy building his mechanized war machine called the KSP-41,

Some may need a day to prevent evil ‘s

stvaranje.Bio is right.

a game

MechRunner action game full of style mixed with Fast and Furious

Regime change robotuhutro!

This “runner”who jeststale moving forward, while

hunt for deadly force, but what makes it unique is that

These huge flying robot that is capable of ozbiljnouništavanje!

Other endless runners are elements of action, but nothing like this. heat

homing missiles, heavy laser cannonsand the caliber of the earthquake

Bomb found to destroy the remains of a building full of streets, etc.

Slice is able to create vorohivshvidkii paced, visually


tipičanigra can last from several minutes to kilkusekund

cry. The higher the skill, the longer you play, the more rewards

Collected and more content,you can unlock!


Carefully detailed, fast pace action

Switching between the reservoir and the robot to date

A piece kostiod enemy in the movie mode!

A large arsenal of weapons and bonuses Personalization

3 unique environment that perfectly combined with all that you decide when

timeto switch

-Protsedurnom Achieved level nieograniczoneroznorodnosć

Many types of enemies with different tactics

epskiboss battles!

Dynamic barriers for environmental protection

Unlockable skins, renovation and achievements

Rescue civilians and take them to safety

astoundingHollywood quality music

The option of automatic control – Play with the mouse or controller


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install folder and replace

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secure / trusted antivirus program

6. Play the game

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For all the family friends and respected teams competing with each other!

Using ASCII Art

the great divine Duo

malodik + irokos

titan artdivision