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Final Fantasy VII v1 Free Download Torrent

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Final Fantasy VII

Hit RPG: Final Fantasy VII, the * more than 11 million copies sold worldwide, has finally arrived on Android!

* All packages include sales and downloads.

Final Fantasy will first have a basic 3D scenes and CG, creates an exciting story of many fans around the world to be loved. During the battle, a greater sense of awe and exciting battle appears in 3D for the first time to make!

Customize your character how you want to use a device that allows a fantastic mix of Lao Sin to do spells and abilities.

The portfolio of products is based on Final Fantasy VII for PC (not reached modification or history).


With his unshakable monopoly on power Mako, evil Shinra Electric Power Company holds tightly to govern world power.

One day serve Mako Reactor the sprawling metropolis of Midgar were attacked and destroyed even call avalanche in a bombing by the group.

Cloud Strife, a former member of Shinra’s elite unit soldiers Participate rented in attacks against mercenaries by the Avalanche and set in motion events that attracts and his friends in an epic battle for the fate of the planet itself

Properties with Android

– Free use of virtual controls simple and convenient design does not obscure practice, the choice between a fixed or virtual 4-way D-pad digital version. The intensity of controls on the screen can be adjusted via the Config menu.

– Make two new features to play easier and more convenient!

Android version has an option to make the enemy continued and the field is (not at the battle) and statistical purposes within the blink of an eye become powerful.

Control of the game

Movement: Joypad Virtual (between analog and digital modes)

Menu navigation buttons digital kit

Confirmed: A button

Cancel button B

Menu Y button


– Because the application is very large, it will take some time to download.

– This application takes approximately 2 GB of memory. 60 Seconds! v1 More than 4 GB of free space to download necessary to ensure that there is enough spare memory to create before it trying to do.

move more, depending on the terrain and the duration of the action, buggy, submarines, aircraft and other modes of transport, if the player moves or down. Currently, the only solution to restart the game from the recorded data, before a failure occurs. We recommend that you save often and / or use a file store. This error often occurs when the player up and down, as to get close to the ground, and during the time, the sensitivity of the activity.

Please note that the game automatically when off to save from the battle on the world map, even if the auto-save function is set to ON.

Look below to see whether the device is best for the game. Note that, although the equipment problems or defects can be accelerated depending on the user’s requirements. Devices with all tests with the application. The list will be further confirmed updated device.

We can not guarantee the application of work equipment, other than that of the official

What’s New:

This application is compatible with Android OS and higher.

But to be useful by mistake for the Android operating system and the included above; This error has been fixed.

Due to some confirmed on Android OS problems, please use on Android OS to play up.

Requirements: Android OS and above

Install APK. Location data folder in SDCard / Android / a OBB / or reproduction