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Fallout 4 SURVIVAL 32-Bit

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Change the English language, the documents My Games Fallout4 ,

Change language = EN level line =


Released: 2015

Genre: Action, Shooter, RPG, 3D, 1 HR, 3 HR

Development: Bethesda Game Studios

Publisher: Bethesda Softworks

Platform: PC

Type of publication: Packages night MAXAGENT

Language: RUS | ENG

Audio Language: ENG

Tablet: “Codex”

System requirements:

Operating system: Windows 8.7.10 (64-bit)

Processor: Intel Core i5-2300 / AMD Phenom II X4 945 | GHz

Memory: 8 GB RAM

Card Video: NVIDIA GTX 550 Ti / AMD Radeon HD 7870 | 2 GB RAM

Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound device

Free hard disk space: 25 GB

Screen Setup:


Feature packages nights:

Uncut | not recoded

Multilingual – MULTI2

Game Version –

DLC includes:

Fallout 4 – Automatron

Fallout 4 – Conference Wasteland

Fallout 4 – last season

Installation time ~ 30-40 minutes.

Packages night MAXAGENT

Attention !!! Talk subtitles and video are on the menu of the game!

Released: 2015

Genre: Action, Shooter, RPG

Development / Publisher: Bethesda Game Studios

GUI Language: English

Audio language: English

Type of publication: the packaging

Crack: enclosing (Codex)

System requirements:

Operating System: Microsoft Windows Vista / 7/8 (64 bit)

Processor: Intel Core i3 GHz

RAM: 8096 Mb

Sound Card: Sound card compatible with DirectX

1024 MB graphics accelerator, OpenGL

Free space on the HDD: 30 Gb


Fallout 4 – the biggest game of the new generation of ambitious open world series “Fallout”! You – the only survivor of a housing 111, trapped in a world devastated by war nuclear. Now you’re fighting for survival every decision is final total. But it’s up to the fate of the wastelands. Welcome home.


Q: How to run the Harbor?

A: Since the DLC trial, it must pass the quest to “get a clue” (Detective Agency heart) first. The final version of the DLC – you do not need.

Read more about the adventure:

Then this:

Q: 5 seconds after accident

A: Make sure you start the game at a resolution higher than 1280×720 px

Q: Where to change the decision?

A: (My Documents) .. Tale of Wuxia PLAZA RELOADED Download Torrent . / Documents / My Games / Fallout4 the opening set as follows:

bTopMostWindow = 1

bMaximizeWindow = 1

bBorderless = 1

bFull Screen = 0

iSize H = X

iSize W = YYYY

Where H is the height (px), and W is the width (px)

Q: How to change the field of view (FOV) How?

A: (My Documents) … / Documents / My Games / Fallout4 in turn add the following line:

fDefaultWorldFOV = XX

fDefault1stPersonFOV = XX

Where XX – FOV value

Q: How to disable mouse acceleration?

A: (My Documents) … / Documents / My Games / Fallout4 in turn add the following line:

bMouseAcceleration = 0

Q: How to make subtitles?

A: By default, subtitles out. Can be enabled in the game menu.

Q: How to disable the sync?

A: (My Documents) … / Documents / My Games / Fallout4 open and change the settings as follows:

iPresentInterval iPresentInterval 1 = 0 =

Q: How to skip the intro?

A: In (the system you install the game) ../Fallout 4 / data / Video delete the following files:

Feature packages nights:

Install and Play!

Steam water license (ID: 377160)

Games Version:


EN / RU installation

Chase from your desktop

Audio quality is 100%

Quality video 100%


Fallout 4: Far Harbor

Fallout 4: Automatron

Fallout 4: Workshop Wasteland